The universe is much simpler that we have been led to believe. Because of a fundamental cosmological error dating back to 1912, currently accepted astrophysics has built an elaborate structure of theories that are without foundation. The mythical “big bang” could not possibly have happened, galaxies are not retreating from us, we are not on a collision course with Andromeda, and both dark matter and dark energy are fictions. Inside this book you will find documented proof that these fanciful theories are invalid.Because of two mathematical oversights dating back to 1915, general relativity has become the currently accepted explanation for gravity. Unfortunately, this geometric theory of gravity is fatally flawed. Spacetime does not exist, gravity does not bend light, and gravitational waves do not exist. Inside this book you will discover significant facts about gravity that Einstein failed to consider.Scientific truth is never a matter of consensus. The currently prevailing view about the cosmos is just as much in error as it was during the era in which it was believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth.