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David Rowland is the foremost expert in holistic nutrition, author of 12 highly acclaimed health publications, innovator and publisher of Nutritiapedia®, creator of NutriBody® assessment, founder of The Canadian Nutrition Institute and the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

ASTROPHYSICS’ PARADIGM SHIFT: Undoing a Century of Errors

The universe is much simpler that we have been led to believe. Because of a fundamental cosmological error dating back to 1912, currently accepted astrophysics has built an elaborate structure of theories that are without foundation. The mythical “big bang” could not possibly have happened, galaxies are not retreating from us, we are not on a collision course with Andromeda, and both dark matter and dark energy are fictions. Inside this book you will find documented proof that these fanciful theories are invalid. Because of two mathematical oversights dating back to 1915, general relativity has become the currently accepted explanation for gravity. Unfortunately, this geometric theory of gravity is fatally flawed. Spacetime does not exist, gravity does not bend light, and gravitational waves do not exist. Inside this book you will discover significant facts about gravity that Einstein failed to consider. Scientific truth is never a matter of consensus. The currently prevailing view about the cosmos is just as much in error as it was during the era in which it was believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth.

AUTISM BREAKTHROUGH: Discovery in Neurophysiology

Autism is simply a specialized way of thinking and interacting with the world. It is characterized by perpetual hyperfocus – i.e., intense mental concentration fixated on one thought pattern at at time, to the exclusion of everything else, including one’s own feelings.

Having an autistic brain is analogous to living 24/7 in an intellectual laboratory from which emotional and social distractions are prohibited from entering. This mental isolation is caused by an inherent neurophysiological idiosyncrasy in how the brain processes information.

Autism is currently considered to be a disorder, i.e., a pathological condition. It most definitely is not. Michelangelo, Mozart, Darwin, Jefferson, Edison, Tesla, and Einstein were autistic and can hardly be said to have been suffering from any mental pathology.

BYPASS THE BYPASS: Restore Circulation Without Surgery

Did you know that there is a time tested, safe, non-surgical method of removing arterial blockages without side effects?

Severe arterial blockages do not have to lead to coronary bypass surgery or heart attacks. Inside this book is a complete program for successfully reversing and preventing hardening of the arteries.

ENDOCRINE HARMONY: The Mind-Body Nutrient Interface

The endocrine system is an orchestrated network of ductless glands that regulate biochemistry and function as an interface between emotions and body. Eight glands generate 28 hormones that alter bodily responses. How well they function depends on what we think and what we eat. Find out which thought patterns affect which glands, and which nutritional support to give when they are weak. Included are detailed symptom lists for thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, and pituitary imbalances – plus nutritional programs to ameliorate stress, hypoglycemia, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and menopausal symptoms. Author David W. Rowland is recognized as a leading edge innovator in the field of nutrition. His unique Nutri-Body® method of assessment is favored by practitioners for pinpointing nutritional and biochemical weaknesses. David also publishes Nutritiapedia®, the free on-line nutritional encyclopedia.


“This book is the most relevant, useful and comprehensive compilation of contemporary holistic information I have read to date. In these pages you will find all of David Rowlands best research and clinical experience complete with new and innovative programs to naturally address — and in many cases prevent disease altogether.

“‘Nutritional Solutions for 88 Conditions’ is incisive and illuminating. There is something for everyone in this book. If you believe your health is an investment and not an expense, turn the page.”

PRECISION MIND-BODY HEALING: A Universal Technique® Tutorial

Our thoughts create disharmony and disease. So, if you want to feel better, all you have to do is change your thoughts. Easier said than done, right? No, not really. This book shows you how to identify and instantly release the precise thoughts that cause specific health conditions. You will be able to cure phobias, and allergies instantly.  You will be able to facilitate improvement in and sometimes complete cures for conditions that the medical profession has given up on..

THE ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING: Uniting Science and Philosophy

How was the universe created? How were inert chemicals transformed into living things? How did some of these living beings acquire consciousness?

Science’s answers to these questions are incomplete and misleading. Physics cannot answer the question as to why there is physics. Chemistry cannot create biology. Biology cannot create consciousness. Science has mistaken consciousness for an effect when in truth it is a cause. Consciousness is the fundamental principle of existence. We live in a consciousness-based reality. Consciousness is at the root of existence, gravity, light, quantum mechanics, life, DNA, and evolution.


We humans are beings of choiceful consciousness. We are not what has happened to us. We are who we have chosen to become. Your happiness and success in life ultimately depend on how carefully you choose your thoughts. DISCOVER ● how your self image is created ● how your thoughts program your emotions ● social programming you do not need to accept ● how your beliefs hide the truth ● society’s prevailing misconception about the nature of reality ● how assumptions create psychological dramas ● how expectations delude you into thinking reality should be as you imagine it to be ● the elixir of forgiveness ● and much more.

Rowland Formulas

David Rowland is a master formulator of food-based medicines and dietary supplements. Some of them are available online here.


Nutri-Body® Analysis is a method of nutritional assessment that enables nutritional practitioners to pin-point each person’s unique biochemical weaknesses.

Precision Mind-Body™ healing

David Rowland explains the mental/emotional causes of disease and how they can be overcome – sometimes instantly.