Books on Theoretical Physics

David Rowland has expertise in theoretical physics and can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mythical “Big Bang” never happened.

The Origin of Everything: Uniting Science and Philosophy

How was the universe created? How were inert chemicals transformed into living things? How did some of these living beings acquire consciousness?

Science’s answers to these questions are incomplete and misleading. Physics cannot answer the question as to why there is physics. Chemistry cannot create biology. Biology cannot create consciousness. Science has mistaken consciousness for an effect when in truth it is a cause. Consciousness is the fundamental principle of existence. We live in a consciousness-based reality. Consciousness is at the root of existence, gravity, light, quantum mechanics, life, DNA, and evolution.

What We Know About the Universe that Isn't So: SCIENCE is at a CROSSROADS

The universe is much simpler than mainstream science would have us believe:

• Einstein was right about E= mc2 but wrong about General Relativity.
• A “big bang” never happened.
• Edwin Hubble miscalculated: the universe is not expanding.
• Dark matter and dark energy do not exist.

Inside this book are conclusive arguments and supporting evidence for these and other scientific errors.

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This is Autism

This site is provided as a public service by David Rowland, a Neuroscientist specializing in Autism.